30 November, 2006

yet another meeting

The last meeting with Brian on Tuesday was not that productive (I think he couldn't be bothered to look at my upgrade report before the meeting) so we are having another today. I am sure he will make me change it all into something else. I never understand why he can't just tell me certain things, it would save me and him actually a lot of work. But I guess this is all a learning experience, and I need to know how to structure these things all by myself. It does get a bit tedious though after a while when I write a literature overview and then I am told that actually what I should have done is a critical analysis of the literature rather than just giving an overview. But what can I do?

We were going to watch "Children of Men" at the Picturehouse last night, but just when we got there they had sold the last ticket. So we just stayed in the bar for a couple of drinks and then went on to the Well House by the Cathedral.

Not much else been going on this week... just trying to get all the marking done so I can finish my upgrade before I go home.

27 November, 2006

Not had much time and energy to update the blog, but things are ok. We went to see the new Bond Film which was very entertaining. A few things were a bit cliché and just over the top, but it was still enjoyable. Daniel Craig is indeed a Bond of our time as Neil put it.

I sent a first draft of my upgrade report to my supervisor so we can have a good look at it tomorrow in our meeting. I really hope he likes what I have. I put a lot of work into it, and I don't think I could take it if he said it's not good at all. I met a friend over the weekend to go over it, and he said it was fine just needs a bit of a face life with the way it is structured. I'll see what Brian thinks and then start panicking.

Also got a large pile of essays delivered to my desk this morning for marking. We have quite a bit of time to get them done, but I think I will try and get most of them done before I go home, so I don't have to worry too much about them while I am away and if I need to change a lot on my upgrade I will need the time after I come back to make all the changes before the 2nd of February.

oh some exciting news... my parents actually agreed to give me a new mac laptop for christmas. Now I have to make a decision about which one I want to get. Well, really I would like the MacBook Pro, but I might just go for the MacBook as it is cheaper. The Pro is more expandable, but then again who knows I really need to expand things that much. As long as I can put my music on it, play DVDs and use the internet and word processor I will be happy. So I can't wait to go home. Leaving on the 13th of December and coming back on the 4th of January. It will be a nice long break!

17 November, 2006

an update

recently I am not having enough time to update my blog much more often than what I am doing... oh well... not much is going on anyway. University stuff is just working on my upgrade report and redoing the analysis for my first study. I was so annoyed at first that I had to redo this, but the more i am working on it I see that it was a good idea for several reasons. The most important one is that I didn't do it right the first time around... Otherwise the upgrade is going slowly but it is coming together. now I just need to sit down and copy and paste all the little bits I have in my word documents all over my computer together into one document and making it sound like it is one document rather than 25 little unconnected ones.

talked to my mom and dad yesterday, and I don't think they feel generous enough this year for christmas to give me one of these or at least some money towards one of them. Oh well, my mom was asking a lot of questions about that photography class I was interested in at the college, so I think they might be going out to get me a SLR camera. Maybe I will be able to afford the computer from the money I am getting from the uni for the work I have done the last few months. It should be quite a nice amount I am getting for both November and December. And there is still some marking coming my way, that again is another larger chunk. Very boring to do, but worth it in the end...

ok it is after 8 am already now so I better get in the shower and then get ready for my day. Tonight Neil and I are going to a free lecture at the Uni, a presenter from the BBC Worldservice will be talking about something that sounded quite interesting.

Once again here is the link to my survey fill it in if you have some time and get the men in your life to fill it in as well... Once again I am getting a lot more women than men. It needs to be much more balanced than what it is at the moment for me to be able to say anything about it at all.

14 November, 2006


I finally got the ok from my supervisor to get my survey up and running, so it is now available at:
If you want to take part just follow the link you help will be much appreciated!

10 November, 2006

upgrade :(

I found out earlier this week that I will have to have my upgrade report for the PhD done by January, which means I will have to work as hard as I can now before I go home to Germany so that I don't have to do anything there. Oh well... I think I should be able to do it, I have everything there in bits and pieces, just need to re-read a number of articles to see how they can support my arguments. I will also get my next online study up and running by next Tuesday, and hopefully that will give me lots of usable data to write up two empirical reports.
Besides that I've also started knitting more and I am quite proud of myself to be able to say I have become quite good at knitting winter hats. I have made two already and I am in the middle of finishing a third. I will need to make a few more because two of the girls in my office now want one as well. I don't really mind as long as they buy the wool/yarn for me. It is a good way to relax and finally get a chance to listen to some of the audiobooks I have bought but only ever listen to half way because I put them on when I go to bed (and by the time the book gets to about half way through I am fast asleep).

time to get going now more work to be done and I need to get a few things done in town before I go to the office.

03 November, 2006

I just took this personality test from Neil's blog and it turns out I am a benevolent artist... although I am not so sure about the way the questions are frased that they are really giving the correct responses... sometimes being a trained psychologist is a bad thing :P

I have been having trouble with my blog, I tried to publish my posts but they wouldn't be visible on the actual blog... now it seems to be working again as I managed to get that last post finally up there. Not much has been going on since the last post anyway. Still slightly stressed at uni, but it is starting to calm down. FINALLY!!! Endlich wird es ruhiger und ich kann auch mal wieder eine ganze Nacht durchschlafen ohne dass ich 4 mal aufwache und dann nicht wieder einschlafen kann. Trotzdem habe ich immer noch Kopfweh wenn ich abends von der Uni nach Hause komme und habe dann nicht die größte Lust noch viel zu machen. Aber was solls.
My students are finally stopping to bother me so much and they are settling into uni life as much as they can. A few of them are thinking about quitting uni all together or switching courses, but I can only help with thinking through decisions and then telling them where to go and what forms they need to fill in. I am starting to care less about them aswell; that's what stressed me out in the beginning as well... I always worried about them forgetting or missing things because they just can't be bothered to follow simple directions like reading the handbook so they have all the info that no one else will give them again. I scared them all in the first week when I said their first essay deadline was in week 5 and no one would mention much about it as the title was in the handbook and all the rest of the directions as well. most of them didn't think that was appropriate, but I guess it is hard to go from school to uni if you have been told exactly what to do when and how before... But like I said, they are starting to settle in and the first essay was handed in yesterday. I am curious about the marks they are going to get... but we will see when I get to hand the essays back in three weeks... ok I need a cup of tea now...