19 Januar, 2009

Christmas in Germany

I really can't believe how long it's been since i have posted something here. I think the stress of writing up now has actually hit me and I don't have anything interesting to say anymore, even though lots has happened in the past month or so. Well actually Neil has been much better at updating things, so you can have a look there as well. But just to round things off. In December we went to Germany so Neil could finally meet my family, which I thought was very nice. We had a good time for that week he was there going to the Christmas Market in Bremen, which is one of the nicer ones near where my parents live, visiting my grandmother, wandering around the town where my parents live and then it was already time to take Neil back to the airport on the Friday. I stayed in Germany until after Christmas and I had a good time as well. Christmas day is always a big family affair at home as we meet with my mom's side of the family (so 3 of her 4 brothers and sisters with families) for a meal at lunch time in a nice restaurant and then have coffee and cake at one of their houses afterward. This year was slightly different as we went to grandma's house instead and it was also slightly more crowded than usual as one of my aunts had relatives from Canada visiting who were there as well. It was nice to have someone to speak English to, and I think they were a bit relieved to have someone there who understood English more than the rest of my family. The next day we went to see my other grandparents without all the family there. A visit there on Christmas day is always overwhelming for me; my dad has 9 brothers and sisters who all have at least one child and some of them already have children now as well. Very big family. And the next day it was already time for me to come back to Exeter.