30 September, 2008

More Rome Photos

As promised here are more Rome photos...

This is just as we are sitting at dinner one evening and all the lights from the candle and also the street lamps were reflected. I thought "try something a little bit creative" and I think it has come out OK actually.


At Piazza Navona


We stumbled across this one day as we were walking around probably on that first day still actually, and then thought we must come back here for dinner one evening. This whole piazza was surrounded by restaurants and ice cream places and in the middle all those artists trying to sell their paintings.

Fontana di Trevi

The Trevi Fountain at night... at the bottom of the picture you can just about see people's hands as they are throwing coins into the fountain over their shoulders. Apparently you have to throw in 3 coins, the first is so you will come back to Rome, the second so an Italian will fall in love with you and the third is for charity. The clear out the coins at the bottom of the fountain every so often and actually donate the money to a charity. I only threw in one coin so I come back to Rome some day...

Here is another the view we had another evening having dinner right across the piazza from the Pantheon


After dinner we walked around the piazza for a bit, had some really yummy ice cream and then took some more photos of the outside of the Pantheon. I loved the warm light all the street lamps created.


Neil loved the Pantheon so much he needed to hug one of the columns


and then we thought that playing with the camera's shutter speed would be fun...


this would have been a nice photo had my leg not been in the way


And this is it once again for this post. I will put up the rest of the photos in another post, as they are mostly from the last day when we went on a tour on one of those hop on hop off busses. But now I need to get ready to go to uni. We have all the new first year students registering, which will be a lot of people. the new incoming class for just psychology (which includes some other degrees such as animal behaviour, and a few joint courses with Biology and Education and Sport Science) is about 250 students. But this is always a good way to get to know them a little bit on the first day and make sure they are not too scared.

22 September, 2008

Rome Photos

Even though Neil has already put up a lot of Rome photos I still want to add some of mine, so here they are...

These photos were all taken on the first day we were in Rome. That was one of the two days I had free while in Rome. On this day we decided to start with the Vatican. We went to St. Peter's first. Spent a little time walking around the square in front of it and then also went inside. It was just amazing. I was surprised at the Swiss Guard uniforms. I thought of them as heavy military, but their uniforms make them look much less threatening.

St Peters Basilica, Rome




Swiss Guards

Next we went to Castel St Angelo. It is just down the very long road which leads to St. Peters. It was built as a mausoleum for Hadrian and his family I think and then later was used to protect the Vatican. There is some mention in the Dan Brown Book Angels and Demons, I seem to remember it had something to do with the Illuminati, but can't quite remember all the details. I really need to read that book again, but anyway, here are a few pictures from our visit to the Castel







After the visit to the Castel we had a look at our map and thought that it doesn’t look very far to get to the Pantheon which it didn’t so we ended up visiting that as well on the first day. Here are some pictures of that as well, but as Neil already said it is so hard to capture it properly. So my pictures will just be from the outside and of the fountain in the piazza.




this was it from the first day we were in Rome, to finish this post here is a picture of the view we had from our Hotel’s roof top garden


More to come soon

09 September, 2008

Back from Rome

yes sadly we had to come back from Rome. But we had a lovely time. The main reason was the annual IAREP conference for me to attend. I was quite nervous about having to give a talk, and got even more nervous when I was sitting in the actual session on the first day realising that all the other people were behavioural economists. But it went ok in the end. I was nervous for the first few 30 seconds and then actually got into it and had to rush a bit to get through the whole talk in 10 minutes. Overall it was a good conference, but the one I went to in Edinburgh 2 summers ago was a lot friendlier for someone with my research interests.
Photos to follow once I properly sorted through them.

01 September, 2008

off to Rome

we are off to Rome in the morning. Well first we have to get to the airport and then we are off to Rome. I am really hoping that this conference will be a good one, that I make lots of good contacts and also that my presentation will go well. I am so scared, there is no one in my session whose name I even know, so hopefully there will be a few friendly faces in the audience. So I better get my packing all done and I will report back from the trip when we are back next week. Hope to get some good photos with the not so new anymore now camera! See you next week!