21 Januar, 2008

long overdue

I know this post is long long overdue, but I just didn't feel like I had much to say that was interesting enough to put on the blog... well I guess I could have put down that I have joined the gym, and have been very good at going every other day in the week. So far only swimming but it feels good to be doing something, and I really enjoy swimming anyway. I always think I should go swimming more, but then don't get around to it. So this time when my office mate said she had been thinking about joining the gym, we looked around for one that has a pool and then I said we can join together. The joint membership was a good deal too.

this past weekend we went to Wales for a party. One of Neil's friend's had booked a singer - what a great idea. I hadn't heard of Brian Houston before this weekend, but it was really good. He was really funny and the music was great as well. And he signed the CD we bought as well, which makes it even better. It was also great to meet some more of Neil's friends from Greenbelt whom he talks about a lot.

Besides that we had Brotzeit one evening with friends, have been to the pub lots to eat or just to meet friends, and have watched lots of the Eddie Izzard DVDs Neil gave me for Christmas. It is really great, he is so funny!