26 Februar, 2007


just come home from the cinema... went to see Bobby, about Robert Kennedy's assassination. The film was quite interesting as it focused on the ordinary people who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. If you like to see film with an all star cast and don't mind leaving the cinema feeling slightly depressed then go see this! It is a very good film, well told story with some very funny and some very serious bits!

25 Februar, 2007

not that much has been going on here since my last post. The week started early with meeting students to discuss exam results and things like that at uni. Wednesday night we went to see Hot Fuzz with a few friends and it was really funny. I didn't get all the references to old cop movies, but still thought the film was really funny. Friday evening I met with some of the girls from uni for Indian food at Taj Mahal which was delicious (and so cheap!). yesterday I met a friend in town for coffee, which is always nice. We tend to meet up at uni for lunch in the week, but sometimes we just feel we need to get away from there and so meet up on weekend for a nice cup of coffee (well tea for me) and have a proper chat. In the evening Neil and I went to a birthday party which was fun ( we ordered pizza from dominos!!!)... that's the update for me...

20 Februar, 2007

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips, originally uploaded by ivo_loves_london.

I took this picture on Sunday in Kingsbridge I think. I just thought this was funny, a fish and chip shop with that name!

18 Februar, 2007

had a nice week...

Last Sunday we went to see Music and Lyrics, which was such a nice film after all the heavy things we have seen lately. It was just a romantic comedy with not too much behind it besides being a cheesy film with Hugh Grant being himself pretty much the whole way through. I loved it though.

Friday night we went out for one of Neil's old co-worker's birthday... unfortunatley she wanted to meet at Hog's Head in town... bit of a towny pub with horrible music and just as horrible atmosphere. Thankfully we got saved by another friend who was at the Old Firehouse, so we joined them instead of going to on to Arena.

Yesterday we decided to take the car for a drive and in the hopes that it would be nice weather drove all the way to Kingsbridge and Dartmouth. Both seem to be very nice quaint little villages, but unfortunately we didn't really get to enjoy them much as it was raining. Then in the evening we went to Hotel Barcelona for birthday drinks for a friend of mine. It was nice there, but the atmosphere was a bit odd as well. Maybe a little posh for me or something like that.

Today has been lazy mainly. Been watching a little DVD and read some more in "Tintenherz". It is really getting good now, I am almost half way through, and I really hope it has a good ending.

08 Februar, 2007

Notes on a Scandal...

we ended up seeing Notes on a Scandal, and I am glad. It was so good. Very intense film with very intense characters, especially Judy Dench's character. She played so well that you really absolutely hated her character and wanted bad things to happen to her as well. Also Bill Nighy was good as Cate Blanchett's much older husband. I would recommend this film to anyone!

After all these heavy films I said we need to go see something cheery, so might go see Music and Lyrics sometime and try out the new Vue Cinema in Exeter, as that film might not come to the Picturehouse. Hopefully the Vue is better than the Odeon!

07 Februar, 2007

Black Book

went to see Black Book at the cinema last night and it was a very good film, although I can't quite say I enjoyed it. Well, the subject matter didn't really let one enjoy it properly as every 5 minutes or so someone was getting shot either by the Germans or the Dutch Resistance... But the characters were portrayed in very interesting ways, and I wonder if this jewish singer really existed that had an affair with a German officer...

Today we are thinking about going to see Notes on a Scandal. The trailer we saw yesterday looked thoroughly creepy and very much like a psychological thriller... so I hope it won't give me a night of nightmares as BlacK Book did... I must just be a very sensitive soul when it comes to this sort of thing...

05 Februar, 2007

upgrade done!!!

What a relief that was when I was finally able (after working on it for almost 3 months) to be able to hand in my upgrade report. Did that on Friday, and then went to a talk by one of the famous guys in Psychology called Bas Verplanken. His talk was very intersting and it gave me a few ideas to take my research further, but my supervisor went as well, so I will see tomorrow in my meeting what he thinks about my ideas now. Saturday I met a friend in town for a cuppa and a little bit of shopping and then just had a quiet evening in. A game of poker rounded up the weekend last night.

Also I discovered a new way to listen to my music in iTunes. Just randomly typed in some words into the search window and let it generate a playlist that way... a good way to listen to songs that I haven't heard in some time.