28 Januar, 2007

by the Baltic Sea Coast

CIMG0928.JPG, originally uploaded by ivo_loves_london.

I took this earlier this week when we were by the coast in Germany on a walk by the sea. It was freezing cold, but a really beautiful day after all the wind and rain.

26 Januar, 2007


here is the link to my flickr page:


there are pictures from my trip home!

23 Januar, 2007

Germany... again

I am having a nice time here at home. My gran's birthday was fun with the whole family, and the food was fantastic. Now it is just one more day until my mom's 50th and then I am already on my way back to Exeter. one week is just not long enough for a proper visit. Oh well... The Easter holidays are not that long away ;)

I will upload some photos to flickr... so have a look :)

18 Januar, 2007

off to Germany again...

and I am almost not looking forward to it. Well no that's not true, I think it it just the fact that I can't be bothered to be travelling to Reading then get on the bus to Heathrow and everything, plus I made myself get up at 6 am this morning to make sure everything would go smoothly. I am actually looking forward to seeing my family again and also to my gran's 80th birthday party. So I guess I better get back to getting ready now...

17 Januar, 2007

countries I have visited

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This is interesting, but the Maldives don't show up very well...

European countries I have visited:

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Actually not very many, when you think i have lived in the US for a while.

14 Januar, 2007

Paolo Nutini

Went to see Paolo Nutini last night, the re-scheduled concert from December. He was really good, and he played all the songs he was supposed to. There was a bit of a long wait form the last supporting act (Newton Faulkner) to him actually starting, but once he had started it was realy good. We had a nice spot as well, and I could actually see a bit of the stage. Usually at concerts I sometimes see something very small very far away moving around on a stage, and have to rely on the monitors that are set up around the venue. But this was really good. Been a long time since the last gig as well.

04 Januar, 2007

back in Exeter

I am back in Exeter now, arrived at about 6:30 after a long trip on the plane, bus and the train. It all worked fine and I made all the connections. I had such great time at home that I almost didn't want to come back. It is so nice to have a mom taking care of everything and not having to be by myself so much. Ah well... I guess that's the way it's gotta be and I shouldn't complain too much yet as I am off back to Germany in exactly 2 weeks already for my gran's 80th birthday party. But it is good to be back as well... I have my own space again and don't have to sleep in a guest room that is used as a storage room for all sorts of things for most of the year.