31 Dezember, 2006

Happy New Year

I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by, now it is just about 5 more days until I come back to Exeter. But I am really enjoying my time here. Christmas was fun, but a little stressful with loads of little cousins being excited over Santa and all their presents. I got some nice things, but the best is still my new computer! A brand new MacBook :). Besides that I got some money and a voucher for a perfume store and a book voucher, so I got two books and a new bottle of my perfume (Hugo Boss Woman), my mom also gave me a new Gilmore Girls DVD boxset ,so I can catch up on what has been happening in one of my favourite tv shows (after CSI and the like), and an umbrella which I really needed.

today is new year's eve and some of our relatives are coming over to have a nice evening here. I hope it will be fun and my little cousin (4years old) won't be too moody.

Have a happy new year!

22 Dezember, 2006

Christmas time

viel war hier nicht los seit ich nach Hause gekommen bin, und ich bin schon über eine Woche hier. Aber ich geniesse es doch mal zu Hause zu sein und nicht immer alles alleine machen zu müssen. Hmmm, was hab ich denn so gemacht seit ich wieder hier bin. Eigentlich nicht so viel. Ich hab mich am Dienstag Abend mit Freunden zum Essen getroffen, das war echt nett die mal wieder zu sehen. Eine von denen will jetzt im Sommer heiraten, da hab ich dann gleich eine Ausrede um mir Urlaub zu nehmen. Zwar wird meine Oma an dem selben Tag 75, aber Mama und Papa haben schon beide gesagt dass eine Grüne Hochzeit dann vorgeht. Weil das auch noch ein Samstag ist feiert Oma da dann auch sicherlich an dem Tag. Na ja, vielleicht kann ich ja noch kurz zum Kaffee vorher mit zu Oma fahren, und dann bringt mich einer nach Ahlerstedt das geht dann ja auch. Da war ich dann wenigstens kurz noch da. Aber egal... das ist dann ja auch erst im Sommer da ist ja auch noch ein bisschen Zeit! Ansonsten war ich dann noch mit Mama in Harburg einkaufen, das war auch nett und gestern Abend waren wir schön essen als Firmen Weihnachtsfeier. Das war echt super, ich mal Lammrückenfilet gegessen und das war super lecker. Das hatte ich vorher noch nie probiert. Heute will ich noch ein paar Kekse backen, die kann ich dann noch mit zu Weihnachten verschenken und auch ein paar selber essen!

17 Dezember, 2006


I am really enjoying my time here in Germany, even though the weather is being really bad with grey days and rain... Oh well, it's ok, We don't have that many plans really that involve being outside at the moment anyway and I am enjoying the laziness. And I got my christmas present from my parents early... a brand new white MacBook. It is so cool and I am so happy with it. My dad was sceptical at first asking them all sorts of questions about the computer, but I had it out of the box and was online in about 5 minutes. Anyway... otherwise I am also enjoying my time at home. I can sleep as long as I can (and it is so quiet here!) and I don't have to eat by myself all the time. It really is good to be home.

11 Dezember, 2006

just two more days now!

just a quick entry as I am off to London for the day to attend a seminar about Identities and Consumptions, should be interesting and helpful for my PhD research.

now it is just two more days until I am off home, I am so excited about seeing my family and maybe even a few friends. Not that much has been happening over the past few days. I went to my last Spanish class, we had our "office" christmas meal at the Taj Mahal (it was really lovely. So much food and it wasn't even that expensive in the end!), I went to see 'The Holiday' at the Picturehouse with a friend, and last night we went to see some friends had a lovely dinner (Thank you again!) and had a go at their very new Wii machine. It was fun!

ok I need to get ready now, catching a train in an hour... not looking forward to go out in the rain though.

08 Dezember, 2006

(not so) Secret Santa

we had a little pre-christmas celebration with some people from the office, and the carefully planned secret santa didn't turn out to be so secret in the end. Well I am still not quite sure who my secret santa was, but she got a cool gift for me... I will have to try the recipe on the box sometime, maybe that will convince Neil to come to Wagamama with me sometime ;)

Not much else has been going on really. Wednesday we went to see Little Children at the Picturehouse, which was really diappointing. The film started out so good, the story was set up well and you started to feel for the main characters but then about half way through it lots it all and just turned into this typical American film where all ends had to be tied up properly. Now don't get me wrong, I am all for tied up ends, but this one really was trying to do too much in too little time. Some of the side stories just were too much really. But oh well, I am still glad i saw it. Yesterday we had a visiting speaker from Germany in department and a bunch of us went out for dinner at the Hour Glass with him. It was a lot of fun, and the food was really nice. I had only been there once before with Neil for drinks, and never expected the food (or the food) to be like this. It was like you were in a different place. I don't know how to describe it, but the pub part just looks completely different from the restaurant part. Anyway, highly recommended...

03 Dezember, 2006

quick update

nothing much has been going on here really. Enjoyed a mostly quiet weekend with the Spanish class Saturday morning, then a bit of shopping around town and dinner and film with friends in the evening. We watched Il Postino/The Postman. An italian film set in the 50s... very slow but very good at the same time, even though I am not quite sure about the point of it. Today I wandered around town an bought a few christmas presents and then did a bit of cleaning and watched some DVDs in the afternoon. I also attempted to do a little bit of work on my upgrade, but just couldn't get anything good done. I will have to try and get a chunck done tomorrow at uni.