09 September, 2008

Back from Rome

yes sadly we had to come back from Rome. But we had a lovely time. The main reason was the annual IAREP conference for me to attend. I was quite nervous about having to give a talk, and got even more nervous when I was sitting in the actual session on the first day realising that all the other people were behavioural economists. But it went ok in the end. I was nervous for the first few 30 seconds and then actually got into it and had to rush a bit to get through the whole talk in 10 minutes. Overall it was a good conference, but the one I went to in Edinburgh 2 summers ago was a lot friendlier for someone with my research interests.
Photos to follow once I properly sorted through them.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Gut gemacht!
[I seem to recall that means "Well done!" but I may be wrong... ]

I am sure it went fantastically well; I cannot even imagine delivering a talk at a conference.

Ivonne hat gesagt…

oh danke :) yes it was correct and it went well. Conferences are actually not as scary as they might seem, I am always slightly nervous, but in the end always manage to be ok. But the best part about this conference was that it was in Rome ;)

Jackie hat gesagt…

Glad to hear it went well. Rome is gorgeous but I still remember my terror every time I needed to cross a road!!