29 August, 2008

moving office

I knew it was all too good to be true and I shouldn't have thought that we would just be able to stay in our little three person office until the end of the PhD. Well, really I should have known considering that we were in the official Head of School office in the department. But anyway, now we are actually being kicked out and have to move to a different office. Maybe the move will be good, new suroundings = more motivation to work? We shall see what happens. All my stuff is now packed up and stacked in 6 cardboard boxes that are waiting to be moved when the new office is free. Luckily I won't be around for that because Neil and I are off to Rome. I will be going to a conference and I am really starting to get nervous about it. I hope we find our way to the hotel from the airport and I really really really hope that we won't bump into my aunt who is also on holiday in Rome for the next week.


Jackie hat gesagt…

Hope the office move went OK. I'm about to move office too, but I asked to, I wanted to move to a smaller office where I'd be more likely to get on with my work!!

claire hat gesagt…

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